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The D3200 with the NIKKOR f/5.6 70-300mm lens is not a combination that sees much use in sports photography. The camera is a total noise machine at ISO3200, required by the narrow aperture of the telephoto to keep shutter speeds faster than 1/250 of a second; the AF is dog slow and loves to hunt the entire throw of the focus; the few points that are provided aren’t enough to get reliably tack-sharp faces; and the lens itself also is especially unsharp at the telephoto end.

But if that’s all you got, then that’s what you gotta deal with.

As part of Team Impact and Ryerson Rams Wrestling I attended the Brock Open to have a look at my first wrestling tournament and take some shots for our media materials. I think the equipment (and team!) did admirably well.

Denoising in post made a massive difference, but not preferable to a camera that doesn’t generate that noise in the first place. Fingers crossed that the easter bunny brings me one.

Great job Team Impact, Ryerson, and everyone that attended the open!

For more information about Team Impact or Ryerson Rams wrestling, visit Team Impact’s website.

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